Monday, February 23, 2009

Abby's Birthday Cake!!!!

Ever wonder what the birthday cake of a famous cake artists' grandchild looks like? Well, here you go! Andrea Carusetta-Blaut of Sedona Cake Couture created this 3 tiered kid's birthday cake for her grand-daughter Abby's 2nd birthday! In the background is 5 year old Breanna. The cake is 3 "slices" of cake that are all decorated up! Inside was her favorite flavor - chocolate! We had to light the candles 3 times because she loved blowing them out so much she kept wanting to do it again and again!

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katrina + andrew = sedona bride said...

oh my goodness!!! so very very cute! your grand babies are adorable!! and that cake is fabulous!! of course! - katrina